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Cu noua funcție de căutare din Momente poți acum să găsești extrem de rapid doar fișierele media care te interesează! Le vezi pe cele dintr-o anumită locație, cu unul sau mai mulți membrii ai familiei sau pe cele care conțin în descriere un anumit text.

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11th June 2021
Version 2.2.1

You know…

The washing machine is a total mystery to me.
Sometimes it acts like a black hole. ????


Because it just makes socks disappear.
And however hard I search for them amongst the other clothes, they’re nowhere to be found.

My son David might well find it pretty funny to go around with different socks on, but I for one will be glad the day some genius comes up with a washing machine with a Search function.

And if you too keep losing socks to the washing machine, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about????

It’d be amazing to type into the washing machine screen: ‘the other Lightening McQueen sock’ and have it magically appear. ????

Unfortunately, it’s rarely that simple with socks…

What is simple, however, is the Search function we’ve introduced into the Moments section on Parents.

No, it won’t help you find the missing pair to your child’s favourite socks.

But it will help you find those great mementoes just with daddy, just of your kid, with the grandparents or with any other member of your family you’ve tagged in your pics. 

What’s new on Parents

1. Search function

Thanks to the new Search function in Moments, you can now find the exact media files you’re after really quickly!

Bring up videos from a specific location, with one or more members of your family or that match keywords in the description text.

2. Send function 

With the new Send function in Chats, you’ll be able to share your best moments…

… and even whole albums full of memories with your friends on Parents.

We’ve also repaired various glitches and made improvements based on your comments and the feedback from other Parents parents. So thank you! 

If you have any questions or sugestions for us, please leave a message in Settings – Helps – Contact
OR or send us an e-mail to app@parentsapp.co.

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