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28th May 2021
Version 2.2.0

Ever have those moments when you want to post a pic of your child but don’t know which one to choose?

Us parents have phones bursting with hundreds of photos of our kids but we often seem to find ourselves in this predicament.

A few months back, I was meeting up with a work colleague. Neither of us could believe how quick the year had gone by.

‘Let me show you a picture of David’, I said.

It was like all the decent photos of my son had disappeared off my phone.

In their place were just shots with half his face missing, ones of just his forehead, some that were just a blur…

And now, as I write these words about the new Auto-Import function in Parents, I’m thinking how great it would have been if I’d had it back then.

Let me tell you a bit more about it.

What’s new on Parents

Besides Journal now becoming Moments

….you’ll also find new functions that we can all enjoy in this section. 

1. Auto-Import

Upload your media files faster and more easily with Auto-Import, which will keep your timeline synced with your new photo memories as you create them.

This is my favourite part because the pictures the app chooses will all be good photos of the whole face so you’ll no longer have to spend an eternity (like I did) scrolling through the blurry shots or ones where your kid is only half in frame.

2. Albums

All your videos and photos are in the private section where you can create albums with one click and organise them in a way that makes sense.

Look what I did:

3. Smart memory-sorting feature

All my videos are grouped by year, month and date to keep all your memories alive.

4. Tag

You can select the moments you want to share with people on the Parents app using Moments and you can tag your family members too.

We’ve also repaired various glitches and made improvements based on your feedback and the feedback of other Parents parents. So thank you!  

Dacă întâmpini dificultăți în timp ce navighezi sau dacă ai sugestii pentru noi, trimite-ne un mesaj din Setări – Ajutor – Contactează-ne SAU trimite-ne e-mail pe app@parentsapp.co.

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