What’s New in Parents 3.2.0

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What We’ve Been Up To…

It’s been a while since we’ve sent any news on the Parents App.

During this time, when we seemed to have gone silent, we were working hard to offer you a better experience…

…like getting behind the wheel of a luxury car: you have all the buttons and options in front of you, combined with perfect comfort, to make your trip more enjoyable.

In the Parents App, we continue to develop new features and improve parents’ experiences.

We aim to combine design, usability, and functionality to give you a “Wow!” experience 🤩. At least that’s what we’d like, even if it doesn’t always work out… Consider that there are over 14,000 (!) models of smartphone, each with their own quirks. There are some problems we just can’t foresee, perfectionists though we may be 😇.

Features we hope will be a pleasant surprise

Here are a few of the most important new features in this version:

1.  Dark Mode

Many moms told us that they follow the program in the evening, after the kids fall asleep, which was a clear sign that something needed to be done. We got to work and added Dark Mode.

How does it work? Simple! Just select Dark Mode from your phone’s settings. The application will read the setting, and you will be able to navigate comfortably, whether you just like the design or you want to protect your eyes.

If you use iOS and you already have the automatic Dark Mode setting checked, you will see it right in the app when it gets dark out.

2. Simpler Log-in

All About Parenting is an excellent program, the only one of its kind, which shows parents not only how to treat children’s behavior problems (the symptoms), but, especially, how to address the deeper causes of behavior.

That’s why we would like the Parents App in every parent’s pocket, and we don’t want the installation or use of the app to get in the way of anyone becoming the best versions of themselves as parents.

But we know that, in this computer age, we all have innumerable accounts for endless sites and applications, all with usernames and passwords to remember, and… let’s be honest, how many of us are so careful as to note them all in a safe place? 😅

We spent some time searching for a simple solution to save you from having your account blocked or having to reset your account every time you forget a password.

And we found it.

You no longer have to type in your email and password to re-enter the application after you sign out; you can simply press the circle that appears on the authentication page, and it will sign you in automatically.

And, if you install the app for the first time after signing up at one of our seminars, you will be signed in automatically by pressing the Confirm account link in the email or SMS, no other info needed.

3. New Design in the Programs Section

We listened carefully to parents’ feedback, and we realized that it wasn’t very intuitive to see where you left off last time.

We know it can be frustrating when you’re short on time and you end up watching something you’ve already seen.

And, yes, we realized that it can be encouraging to know how much of the program is left, when you’re in a hurry to become the best parent you can be for your child.

We couldn’t leave things as they were. We took action and redesigned the Programs section to make it easier to pick up learning where you left off.

At the top, you will see Continue learninghere you can find the programs you have access to.

There is a Start button by those you haven’t started yet.

There is a Continue button by those you’ve already started.

And the progress bar shows you how much of the program you’ve completed.

The updated Parents App is waiting for you, so go download it and enjoy!

All the best,
Alina from Parents

If you run into any problems while navigating or you have suggestions for us, send us a message through Settings – Help – Contact Us, OR send us an email at app@parents.app

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