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What’s new in the Parents App?

It’s been a while since our last email update and we can’t wait to tell you about the treats we’ve cooked up for you these past few weeks.

We’ll be happy to know what you think 😊

So what’s new in the Parents App?

1. A better onboarding experience

You know that feeling when you’ve done something so many times you just do it on autopilot, without ever questioning it? Like when you make the same recipe over and over again and you stop asking yourself how it can be improved

That’s exactly what happened to us. We were absolutely certain that the steps for creating a Parents App account were clear and intuitive. That is, until one day, “out of the blue”, we got a laundry list of suggestions from a very sincere mother, for which we are very grateful.

It was a bit unpleasant to hear that some of the texts were unclear or contradictory, and that some of the steps simply didn’t apply to all parents. So, we worked on each step to make everything look good, coherent and clear-cut.

Now, creating a Parents App account is simpler than ever, so you can invite all your friends – we’re always happy to meet new people 🤗

2. You can rate Masterclasses you’ve attended

If you’ve been to one of our online Masterclasses before, you already know that you’re welcome to leave comments and questions.

But the Masterclasses are about so much more than that

They’re about the value they add to your life, those lightbulb moments you experience, and the practical solutions you walk away with, which you can apply with your child immediately.

Despite the abundance of positive feedback, we were never sure what your final impression of the Masterclass was. At the risk of repeating ourselves, we’d like to reiterate that we appreciate your input. It helps us improve and make things better 🥰

So from now on, if you go to “My History**”, you can rate the Masterclass you’ve attended on a scale from 1 (wouldn’t recommend at all**) to 5 (would definitely recommend**) and also leave us a review on the App Store or Google Play. We read them all!

3. You’re one notification away from the Masterclass you want

How often do you feel overwhelmed by the hectic life we all live, where information bombards us from all directions?

We never want to miss anything important, but it’s getting hard to keep up with all the plates we’re spinning in our busy lives…

That’s why in the Parents App, we try to keep things simple and accessible, all in one place.

Now, clicking [read on…]” in the notification opens additional information about the Masterclass and the trainer, so you can immediately see if it interests you and sign up quick and easy, directly from the notification, by clicking “Sign up here!”.

So make sure you install the latest version of the Parents App on your phone and turn on the notifications. We’ll take care of the rest so you always have the latest info at your fingertips 😇 

See you in the Parents App!

With love,
Ana from the Parents App

If you need help with the app or if you have any suggestions, drop us a line through Settings – Help – Contact us, OR email us at

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