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Science based parenting class: Find answers to any question about children behavior
Science based parenting class: Find answers to any question about children behavior
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Lights Out, Stress Down: Handling Toddler Meltdown At Bedtime

by Lavie Mincu
why kids should have phones: 3school-aged children happily gathered around a phone, sharing laughter as they engage with its content

Why Kids Should Have Phones: Exploring the Ideal Age to Introduce Them

Father and daughter playing dressed up as princesses

Setting Boundaries in Parenting: Why Parents Should Not Be Friends with Their Child

permissive parenting - mom and daugher with nails done

The Impact of Permissive Parenting on Child Development

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Test your parenting skills

Get answers for any parenting question

Get answers for any parenting question

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White noise is a combination of sounds spanning the entire audible frequency range.

​White Noise: What is & How to Use It

Are you wondering why you should use white noise? Sleep plays a vital role in our well-being, yet many of us struggle to fall asleep easily, especially when we’re overtired or surrounded by distractions. As parents, we know that a good night’s sleep for both ourselves and our children is important. That’s where white noise comes in. In this article, we will explore the benefits of this noise and how it can help you and your child achieve improved rest.
Cardiac coherence refers to a state of physiological harmony.

Cardiac Coherence: What is & How to Use It

Cardiac coherence can help you to regain control over your emotions in stressful moments. Stress can be overwhelming, whether it’s the challenges of caring for children, working, or the stress of everyday life. Let’s talk about cardiac coherence. Cardiac coherence is a scientific term for becoming aware of your heartbeat and breathing. By learning how to use this technique, you can experience increased relaxation and tranquility.
Autogenic training is a progressive relaxation technique.

What is autogenic training and why should you use it?

If you’re unfamiliar with autogenic training, don’t worry – this article has got you covered. Prepare to discover the ins and outs of these highly effective techniques, including the scientifically proven benefits and how to use them appropriately. Get ready to unlock its potential for your well-being.
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