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Lead Trainer at All About Parenting
Patrick Ney

Patrick Ney is a Neurodevelopmental Specialist who has been working with parents at All About Parenting for 5 years. He is husband to Maja and father to 2 beautiful daughters, Zofia and Mia. Patrick joined All About Parenting, determined to become a better parent before becoming a Certified Trainer. To date, he has run over 1000 workshops, events, and masterclasses for more than 100,000 parents.

Patrick is certified in a range of other methodologies, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, and the HANDLE Methodology for neurodiverse children. He is a Certified DIR Floortime Practitioner and has been described as a ‘natural born play therapist.’ Patrick bases his work with parents on neuroscience, studying Applied Neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King’s College London. Patrick has appeared as a TEDx speaker, and his first book, ‘The Storm: How To Stop Shouting At Your Kids’ will be published in Autumn 2022.

But more than anything else, Patrick is a father. His love for his daughters has led him on a journey to being a better dad for his girls and sharing that story with other parents. His work inspires thousands of parents to start learning parenting, and he shares both his successes and his many failures.

Parenting Expert
Antonia Cherette

Antonia Cherette is a leading parenting authority, trainer, and host of the Parents App Podcast. With extensive experience and a background in education, she offers science-based solutions and practical strategies to empower parents. Antonia’s unwavering commitment and dynamic teaching style help parents create harmonious family environments, cultivate loving relationships, and unlock their child’s potential. Join her on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery for lifelong success.

Parenting Expert
Sabina Defta

Sabina Defta is an International Trainer, Coach and Spiritual Guide for Parents all over the World. She is a dedicated mother to three children, two boys, 15 and 11 years old and 8 years old girl. To date, she has run over 500 workshops, events, and masterclasses for more than 100,000 parents, in three languages.

With a diverse, multicultural background and a deep understanding of child development processes, Sabina brings a wealth of insights to her role as an Inspirational and Motivational Parenting trainer. Her mission is to help parents to heal their inner child along with fostering stronger, healthier relationships with their own children.

Through her experiences such as living in different countries, exploring different cultures, Sabina is dedicated to transforming parenting approaches, guiding parents to balance work with personal lives, and supporting families from diverse backgrounds on their parenting journey.

Mom, Co-Founder of All About Parenting, Parenting Expert and Certified Trainer

Urania Cremene is a highly esteemed expert in child education. She has more than 15 years of experience as a trainer and speaker and holds numerous national and international accreditations as a master trainer, coach, and facilitator. Urania’s journey into parenting began over a decade ago when she became a mother and ignited her passion and commitment to supporting parents and children. She developed All About Parenting, the first parenting program based on the latest findings in motivational science, including the influential self-determination theory. Urania and her team have reached more than 250,000 parents through more than 2,000 free seminars, conferences, and workshops, transforming their lives and helping families find new confidence and purpose.

Parenting Expert

IT Business Consultant turned Parenting Trainer, Ralu brings her distinguished background in training, coaching, and quality assurance to her new role. With expertise in program and project management and a Master of Science degree, she excels in strategic planning, team coordination, and problem-solving. Drawing parallels between IT consultation and successful parenting, Ralu offers a unique perspective on training. Combining her coaching experience with her technical skills, she delivers efficient and innovative strategies to empower parents. With a commitment to providing solutions, Ralu has conducted 12 parenting events, impacting 2533 parents. Her mission is to equip parents with the tools needed to create an optimal environment for their children’s growth and development, instilling confidence and transforming family life.

Parenting Expert

Discover outstanding parenting with Maria Țolescu, an extraordinary coach and devoted mother of twins. Maria Țolescu left her job as a manager to pursue her passion for raising children. She combines her personal experiences with the proven principles of All About Parenting. In her warm and compassionate trainings, she gives parents practical tools to create a loving environment at home. In her four years of certification, Maria has touched the lives of thousands of people and helped them become the best parents they can be. Join her on a transformative journey to connect with your children and unlock your potential as an extraordinary parent.

Parenting Expert
Irina Irgoveanu

Irina Irgoveanu, a dedicated trainer at All About Parenting, embodies a remarkable transformation from an advocate to a fierce champion of positive parenting. Her unwavering commitment to helping parents raise happy, healthy, and well-adjusted children is evident in her work. With her extensive knowledge, genuine compassion, and unbeatable commitment, Irina has become an invaluable resource for families around the world.

Irina’s empathetic approach and commitment to positive parenting have made her a trusted and respected figure in the field. With her help, parents can confidently fulfill their role and create an environment in which their children can thrive. Irina’s impact on families is immeasurable as she provides parents with the tools and knowledge to build a solid foundation of love, understanding, and resilience in their homes.

Parenting Expert
Justyna Klimek

Justyna is an educator and child development specialist with experience in art therapy. Realizing the effectiveness of All About Parenting, she became a certified trainer to help parents build satisfying relationships with their children. Her background in education, combined with her personal experiences as a parent, informs her practical guidance and strategies. Justyna’s passion for nurturing children’s development and facilitating positive parent-child relationships makes her a valuable resource for families seeking to navigate the challenges of parenthood.

Parenting Expert
Kataryna Urbanek

Kataryna Urbanek is an experienced psychologist, therapist and sensory integration diagnostician dedicated to supporting parents and children. As a certified trainer with All About Parenting, she combines her expertise with science based methods to promote cooperation and harmony in families. With a solid educational background in psychology and a personal understanding of parenting, Kataryna provides evidence-based guidance to address parenting challenges. In addition to her professional work, she is a happy mother and enjoys cross-country trips that add a touch of adventure and vitality to her life.

Parenting Expert
Edi Ladeira

Edi Ladeira is a dedicated father of four and a certified trainer with All About Parenting. With his expertise in coaching, NLP and parenting, Edi empowers parents to create a harmonious environment for their children. With over 15 years of experience, Edi offers successful business strategies and helps individuals reach their full potential. He has completed specialized training and certification in revolutionary parenting methodology. Edi’s first-hand experience as a parent enables him to meet the challenges of modern parenting with compassion and empathy. This allows parents to build a legacy of love and resilience for future generations.

Parenting Expert
Marta Rodrigues

Marta Rodrigues is the Lead Trainer for All About Parenting Portugal. She is on a mission to equip parents with the tools and knowledge to build strong relationships with their children. With a background as a TV show host and a passion for creative writing, Marta embarked on a transformative journey when she became a mother. She fearlessly shared her own experiences through a blog, connecting with fellow parents and understanding their needs. Marta’s commitment to continuous learning and research and her dedication to supporting parents in Portugal make her a trusted resource in the field of parenting. Her online events with All About Parenting provided insights to more than 8000 Portuguese-speaking parents.

Parenting Expert
Layal Abou Saad

Meet Layal Abou Saad, a leading expert in the fields of behavior analysis, education and parenting. With more than 13 years of experience, Layal Abou Saad supports people and raises awareness about the profound impact of behavior analysis. Layal is certified by the American Board in Behavior Analysis and has exceptional skills and training at renowned institutions that create profound change. Her deep parenting experience and radiant spirit guide parents with confidence and grace. Join Layal on a journey of empowerment and inspiration in behavior analysis and parenting.

Parenting Expert
Ana-Maria Iancu

Ana Maria Iancu is a devoted mother and certified trainer in the All About Parenting program. Through her own experiences with her son, she discovered the transformative power of the program and witnessed positive changes in their relationship. For the past 6 years, Ana has been actively engaged as a trainer and consultant, sharing her knowledge and empowering parents. With specialized training in coaching, NLP, and Universal Laws, Ana is passionate about providing tailored, science-based solutions that prepare parents to raise well-rounded children. Her ultimate goal is to make a substantial difference in the lives of today’s children, contributing to a future generation of individuals ready to positively impact the world.

Editorial Team

Parenting Editor

Meet Diana Spulber, an experienced writer with a passion for storytelling. With 10 years of experience in crafting stories around educational content, she writes engaging content that ranks high in search engines. Diana is an expert at combining compelling stories with valuable insights, reaching people and helping parents worldwide. 

Parenting Editor
Lavie Mincu

Lavie is a dedicated mother of three daughters and a veteran teacher with 13 years of experience. While studying journalism, she discovered her true love of teaching and has since been fascinated by innovative educational systems, especially homeschooling and non-formal learning approaches. Lavie is a strong advocate of natural, sustainable lifestyles, minimalism, and the transformative potential of technology. She currently works as a creative writer at All About Parenting, where she translates scientific terms into understandable information and guides parents step-by-step. Inspired by the program’s science-based approach, she joined the team to support and empower other parents on their parenting journey.

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