So many answers,
so little time

Parenting comes with daily questions. Sophie, the first parenting chatbot, is here to give you fast and useful answers, right away.

Meet Sophie, the parenting assistant 

We know how overwhelming all our parenting worries can be. How to best educate our children, how to communicate better with them, showing them our unconditional love, even in difficult moments… sometimes, we all wish we’de have the right parenting answer NOW.

Sophie, our virtual “colleague”, can give you practical advice, specifically for the challenge you’re facing regarding children’s behavior, in just a few seconds. She has been trained by the expert team at All About Parenting,with a lot of parenting science and great energy, to support parents at any time of the day or night. Our beloved tiny parenting assistant is also connected to the entire All About Parenting program and has access to the latest research in parenting and human psychology

You can start a conversation with Sophie, our new digital parenting assistant, right away, in the Parents App or straight here.

How to chat with Sophie

Got any parenting questions?

Give Sophie a try, she’s looking forward to helping out. 

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