A close up picture of a toddler biting his hand
Child Ages & Stages

How to Stop a Child from Biting at Daycare: Nurturing Positive Social Behavior

Girl with disgusted grimace doesn’t want to eat porridge

How to Get a Child to Eat When They Refuse: 3 Proven Strategies

A boy looking cross-eyed at his index finger while measuring his growing nose

Why Do Children Lie? Understand the Reasons Behind this Behavior & Find out How to React

Mom talking on the phone while the son is screaming and demanding attention

Understanding and Managing Attention Seeking Behavior in Children: Top 5 Effective Strategies

Brother and sister fighting

Why Do Siblings Fight? How to Successfully Manage and Resolve Conflicts as a Parent

Young boy in the kitchen washing a plate

The Power of Chores for Kids: Building Responsibility, Confidence & Independence

video game addiction - kid playing on tablet

Level Up Your Parenting: Tackling Video Game Addiction in Your Child – Causes & Solutions 

Portrait of dark haired little girl wearing white t-shirt posing with pout lips and unhappy

Signs of a spoiled child and how overindulging parenting may affect his life in the short and long term

Brother and sister immersed in screen time, comfortably seated on the couch

Should Parents Limit Screen Time? How to Avoid Turning Screens into “the Babysitter”, in 3 steps

Boy resting his head on a wall.

Understanding Why Kids Hit Themselves: Techniques to Stop the Behavior

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