Antonia Cherette

Antonia Cherette

Parenting Expert

Antonia Cherette is a leading parenting authority, trainer, and host of the Parents App Podcast. With extensive experience and a background in education, she offers science-based solutions and practical strategies to empower parents. Antonia’s unwavering commitment and dynamic teaching style help parents create harmonious family environments, cultivate loving relationships, and unlock their child’s potential. Join her on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery for lifelong success.


Meet Antonia Cherette—mother to a beautiful girl, Trainer at All About Parenting for North America, and the lively host of the Parents App Podcast.


Antonia’s journey into the world of parenting began during her time as a teacher. Her curiosity ignited with a genuine eagerness to unravel the roots of her students’ behavioral patterns, led her to the All About Parenting program. Forging a deep connection with these young minds was a heartfelt challenge as she yearned to truly grasp the essence of what made each child unique.

Certifications and Training

In fact, everything changed after Antonia immersed herself in the All About Parenting program. The concepts she had learned, ranging from the 3 Basic Psychological Needs of children to a treasure trove of education, motivation, and cooperation techniques, led to an incredible classroom transformation, one that brought about positive, joyful, and lasting changes.


Antonia became inspired to contribute even more to improving children’s lives as a parenting trainer. Now Antonia pours all her time and energy into supporting parents, helping them discover evidence-based solutions for navigating the complex realm of child motivation, refusals, tantrums, power struggles, as well as parents’ own needs and expectations.

Parenting Experience (Journey)

She has been tirelessly running hundreds of workshops for parents – 171 webinars and 93.290 registrations, sharing her expertise and insights with enthusiasm and unwavering dedication. She aims to help fellow parents on the remarkable journey of nurturing happy, thriving children.

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