Edi Ladeira

Edi Ladeira

Parenting Expert

Edi Ladeira is a dedicated father of four and a certified trainer with All About Parenting. With his expertise in coaching, NLP and parenting, Edi empowers parents to create a harmonious environment for their children. With over 15 years of experience, Edi offers successful business strategies and helps individuals reach their full potential. He has completed specialized training and certification in revolutionary parenting methodology. Edi’s first-hand experience as a parent enables him to meet the challenges of modern parenting with compassion and empathy. This allows parents to build a legacy of love and resilience for future generations.


Edi Ladeira, a dedicated father to four wonderful children, is not only an esteemed certified Trainer at All About Parenting but also a powerful advocate for personal growth and unleashing people’s true potential. Through his expertise in Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Edi possesses a unique ability to see beyond facades and challenge the self-imposed limitations that hold individuals back. His passion for both parenting and NLP has allowed him to make a remarkable impact in these realms, transforming lives along the way.


For over 15 years, Edi has been a beacon of guidance for numerous clients, in person and remotely. He provides winning business strategies and empowers individuals to unlock their fullest potential. Edi’s expertise lies in Coaching, NLP, and parenting, making him a true luminary in the field.

Certifications and Training

Edi is an esteemed certified Trainer at All About Parenting. He has undergone specialized training and certification in the revolutionary parenting methodology grounded in the science of motivation. His dedication to empowering parents sets him apart, equipping them with invaluable skills to foster deeper connections with their children.


While Edi’s professional trajectory initially focused on Coaching and NLP, his perspective broadened when he became a father. Realizing he needed better tools to improve his own parenting skills, he discovered the transformative power of All About Parenting. He eagerly immersed himself in the methodology and passionately embraced its principles.

Parenting Experience (Journey)

As a devoted father, Edi’s firsthand experiences have shaped his approach to raising children. He understands the challenges of modern-day parenting and helps parents navigate them with compassion and insight. Edi’s experience as a parent allows him to address individual needs and empower parents to create a legacy of love, growth, and resilience for future generations.

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