Justyna Klimek

Justyna Klimek

Parenting Expert

Justyna is an educator and child development specialist with experience in art therapy. Realizing the effectiveness of All About Parenting, she became a certified trainer to help parents build satisfying relationships with their children. Her background in education, combined with her personal experiences as a parent, informs her practical guidance and strategies. Justyna’s passion for nurturing children’s development and facilitating positive parent-child relationships makes her a valuable resource for families seeking to navigate the challenges of parenthood.


Justyna is a passionate educator and a specialist in the field of child development. With her background as an art therapist, she has led numerous workshops for children and teachers, gaining valuable insight into their needs and challenges.


Justyna’s expertise lies in understanding child development and creating impactful learning experiences. Through her work as an art therapist, she has honed her ability to connect with children and encourage their growth and self-expression.

Certifications and Training

After personally seeing the effectiveness of All About Parenting, Justyna decided to become a certified trainer. As part of our expert group, she uses the program’s proven methods to help parents build fulfilling relationships with their children. Her certification allows her to offer practical guidance and strategies based on the principles of All About Parenting.


Justyna’s educational background provides her with a solid foundation in understanding child development and effective teaching methods. She is constantly striving to expand her knowledge and keep abreast of the latest research and techniques in the field.

Parenting Experience (Journey)

Her own experiences as a parent and her deep understanding of children’s needs are the basis for her commitment to helping other parents. Through her work as an art therapist and now as a certified trainer, she offers insights and practical solutions that promote positive parent-child relationships.

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