Lavie Mincu

Lavie Mincu

Parenting Editor

Lavie is a dedicated mother of three daughters and a veteran teacher with 13 years of experience. While studying journalism, she discovered her true love of teaching and has since been fascinated by innovative educational systems, especially homeschooling and non-formal learning approaches. Lavie is a strong advocate of natural, sustainable lifestyles, minimalism, and the transformative potential of technology. She currently works as a creative writer at All About Parenting, where she translates scientific terms into understandable information and guides parents step-by-step. Inspired by the program’s science-based approach, she joined the team to support and empower other parents on their parenting journey.


Lavie is a passionate nomad who enjoys traveling and long walks. As a mother of three daughters, her children are her pride and joy. Lavie initially forged a path into journalism, but along the way discovered a deeper love for teaching. With 13 years of professional experience in education, Lavie has become an experienced teacher with a wealth of knowledge.

Lavie is currently a creative writer for All About Parenting. In this role, she is able to combine her passions for education, research, and writing. She is dedicated to translating scientific concepts into easily digestible information that provides step-by-step guidance to parents.


Lavie’s passion for education goes beyond the traditional classroom. She enjoys researching the latest educational systems and is particularly intrigued by homeschooling and other non-formal learning approaches. Lavie believes in the power of these alternative systems to provide children with a holistic and individualized education. Her commitment to understanding different methods and techniques allows her to provide valuable insight and advice to parents seeking alternative educational approaches.

Certifications and Training

Throughout her teaching career, Lavie has continued to expand her knowledge and expertise through various certifications and training programs. She has participated in workshops and courses on innovative teaching methods, educational technology, and child psychology. These certifications and training have equipped her with a range of skills that enable her to better serve her students and the parenting community.


Lavie studied journalism, which gave her a solid foundation in effective communication and research skills. While studying journalism, she realized her true calling in education and decided to pursue a career in teaching.

Parenting Experience (Journey)

As the mother of three daughters, Lavie brings her first-hand experience as a parent. She knows the challenges and joys of raising children and has actively sought out effective strategies and techniques to navigate the journey of parenthood. When her third daughter was born, she researched extensively to find ways to integrate the newborn into the family dynamic. It was during this time that she discovered All About Parenting’s science-based step-by-step guide.

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