Maria Țolescu

Parenting Expert

Discover outstanding parenting with Maria Țolescu, an extraordinary coach and devoted mother of twins. Maria Țolescu left her job as a manager to pursue her passion for raising children. She combines her personal experiences with the proven principles of All About Parenting. In her warm and compassionate trainings, she gives parents practical tools to create a loving environment at home. In her four years of certification, Maria has touched the lives of thousands of people and helped them become the best parents they can be. Join her on a transformative journey to connect with your children and unlock your potential as an extraordinary parent.


Enter the world of excellent parenting with Maria Țolescu, a remarkable parenting trainer and devoted mother of teenage twins. Even before she brought her children into the world, Maria made a solemn vow to explore healthy parenting methods, away from threats and punishments. Determined to make a difference, she courageously left her leadership position in the pharmaceutical industry and turned to the noble profession of parenting.


With her unwavering dedication, Maria combines her personal experiences as a mother with the tried and tested principles of All About Parenting. Skillfully imparting invaluable knowledge, she equips parents with practical tools and techniques to create a loving and nurturing environment at home. Maria’s training sessions are infused with warmth, compassion and deep understanding. Her engaging teaching style creates an atmosphere of trust and openness that allows parents to share their concerns, seek guidance, and develop a deeper understanding of their children’s needs.

Certifications and Training

Over the past four years, Maria has touched the lives of thousands of moms and dads as a certified trainer for the esteemed All About Parenting method, empowering them to become the best parents possible for their children.


The All About Parenting method has guided Maria on her transformative journey as a parent. Not only has it restored harmony in her home and reignited the joy of being a mother, but it has also inspired her to share her success with other parents.

Parenting Experience (Journey)

Through Maria’s guidance, parents will be empowered to navigate the complex challenges of modern parenthood, build strong relationships with their children, and cultivate important life skills that will shape their future. Join Maria Țolescu on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and transformation. Under her expert guidance, learn the All About Parenting method and unleash the immense potential that lies within you to become the extraordinary parent your child deserves.

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