Marta Rodrigues

Marta Rodrigues

Parenting Expert

Marta Rodrigues is the Lead Trainer for All About Parenting Portugal. She is on a mission to equip parents with the tools and knowledge to build strong relationships with their children. With a background as a TV show host and a passion for creative writing, Marta embarked on a transformative journey when she became a mother. She fearlessly shared her own experiences through a blog, connecting with fellow parents and understanding their needs. Marta’s commitment to continuous learning and research and her dedication to supporting parents in Portugal make her a trusted resource in the field of parenting. Her online events with All About Parenting provided insights to more than 8000 Portuguese-speaking parents.


Marta Rodrigues is the Lead Trainer for All About Parenting Portugal. She is dedicated to empowering families and fostering harmonious parent-child relationships. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by Portuguese parents, Marta has committed her expertise to making a positive impact in the lives of fellow parents.


Marta’s journey began as a charismatic TV show host, where she honed her skills in effective communication and creative writing. When she became a mother, her passion for helping parents and her love for her four children led her to create a blog. By fearlessly sharing the blessings, trials, and triumphs of motherhood, Marta connected with other parents and understood their needs on a deep level.

Certifications and Training

Certified Trainer in the All About Parenting program


​​As Marta faced new challenges in her own parenting journey, she embarked on a quest to find practical solutions to enhance her relationship with her children. During this search, she discovered the transformative power of All About Parenting, our parenting methodology rooted in the science of motivation. Recognizing its immense potential, Marta completed the process of becoming a Certified Trainer.

Parenting Experience (Journey)

Marta’s personal journey as a mother to four children has fueled her passion for helping fellow parents. Her own challenges and triumphs have inspired her to seek practical solutions and share her experiences with authenticity. Marta’s deep love for her children and her desire to support others on their unique parenting journeys are the driving forces behind her work as a parenting expert.

Marta Rodrigues stands as a trusted resource for parents in Portugal, offering guidance, support, and practical solutions to help them navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood. Her commitment to empowering families and cultivating harmonious relationships is unwavering, making her a respected figure in the field of parenting.

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