Ralu Ryan

Parenting Expert

IT Business Consultant turned Parenting Trainer, Ralu brings her distinguished background in training, coaching, and quality assurance to her new role. With expertise in program and project management and a Master of Science degree, she excels in strategic planning, team coordination, and problem-solving. Drawing parallels between IT consultation and successful parenting, Ralu offers a unique perspective on training. Combining her coaching experience with her technical skills, she delivers efficient and innovative strategies to empower parents. With a commitment to providing solutions, Ralu has conducted 12 parenting events, impacting 2533 parents. Her mission is to equip parents with the tools needed to create an optimal environment for their children’s growth and development, instilling confidence and transforming family life.


Ralu Ryan, a loving mother of two boys, has navigated the complexities of parenting, from managing disobedience to sibling conflicts. Despite her career commitment, she prioritized personal growth, leading her to engage with the All About Parenting program. Through this program, she learned to apply principles from motivation science to her parenting approach, creating a more balanced family environment.


In transitioning to the role of a parenting trainer, she has applied these skills to a fresh challenge. She understands that similar to IT consultation, successful parenting necessitates effective communication, problem-solving, and a proactive approach to enhancing processes. Her experience in coaching, coupled with her technical background, allows Ralu to approach parenting training from a unique perspective, delivering strategies that are both efficient and innovative. Ralu’s goal is to equip parents with the tools required to create the optimal environment for their children’s growth and development.

Certifications and Training

In 2021, Ralu became our lead trainer for the German team. Her training was both rigorous and detailed, guaranteeing she had a thorough understanding of our approach and was well-prepared to apply it effectively.


With a distinguished background as an IT business consultant, she has honed her skills in training, coaching, and quality assurance, ensuring that the highest standards are maintained on every project she undertakes. Her experience in program and project management, complemented by a Master of Science degree from Heilbronn College, has equipped her with a solid foundation in strategic planning, team coordination, and problem-solving. Since this part of her life did not bring her fulfillment, she embarked on a new path, parenting, which required her to specialize in our methodology.

Parenting Experience (Journey)

Having struggled with parenting issues herself, Ralu has a wealth of first-hand experience that enables her to help other parents with similar challenges. Having used effective strategies to overcome these difficulties in her own family, she knows exactly how draining it can be to deal with sibling squabbles, tantrums, resistance, and lack of cooperation.
With this deep understanding, Ralu is committed to providing the solutions parents desperately seek. To date, she has held 12 parenting events where she has provided practical methods and tools to 2533 parents. Her goal is to make parents feel empowered to transform their family life and more confident in their role.

Articles Reviewed

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