Sabina Defta

Sabina Defta

Parenting Expert

Sabina Defta is a devoted mother of three children whose personal journey with parenting has shaped her professional path. With a diverse, multicultural background and a deep understanding of child development, Sabina brings a wealth of insights to her role as a certified parenting trainer. Her mission is to help parents foster stronger, healthier relationships with their children. Through her own experiences and international certifications, Sabina is dedicated to transforming parenting and guiding families from diverse backgrounds on their parenting journey.


Sabina Defta is a devoted mother of three children. Two boys, a teenager and a 10 year-old, and a 7 year-old daughter. Her deep love for her children has fueled her desire for knowledge and personal growth, leading to a profound transformation both personally and professionally. Through her interactions with her children, Sabina began questioning, researching, and exploring the complexities of child development and human behavior. Her children’s growth and evolving identities continue to inspire her on her journey.


With a diverse, multicultural background spanning Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Romania, and the United States, Sabina’s cultural competence has been further strengthened through her continuous professional development. She actively seeks out opportunities to deepen her understanding of different cultural practices, norms, and parenting styles, enabling her to provide comprehensive and inclusive support to families. This unique insight enables her to connect with and assist parents from diverse cultural backgrounds effectively.

Certifications and Training

  • Certified Parenting Trainer in the United Kingdom (All About Parenting)
  • Certified Parenting Trainer in the United States (All About Parenting)


Sabina’s need to understand her children’s behavior and what motivates them led her to the ‘All About Parenting’ program, which profoundly impacted her personal and professional trajectory. Recognizing it as her calling, she embarked on rigorous training and obtained international certifications in parenting training from ‘All About Parenting.’ This comprehensive education has equipped her with the skills and knowledge to help parents create stronger and healthier relationships with their children.

Parenting Experience (Journey)

Sabina’s journey as a mother has been the catalyst for her pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. Her children have inspired her to deeply understand child development and human behavior, fostering a strong connection between her personal experiences and professional aspirations. She is committed to transforming parenting experiences for others, dedicating herself to helping parents become the best version of themselves.

Sabina Defta’s passion and heartfelt endeavor to support and guide parents make her a trusted advocate in the field of parenting. With her multicultural background, comprehensive training, and personal experiences, Sabina is uniquely positioned to assist parents from diverse backgrounds in their parenting journey.

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