Parenting expert - Urania Cremene

Urania Cremene

Mom, Co-Founder of All About Parenting, Parenting Expert and Certified Trainer

Urania Cremene is a highly esteemed expert in child education. She has more than 15 years of experience as a trainer and speaker and holds numerous national and international accreditations as a master trainer, coach, and facilitator. Urania’s journey into parenting began over a decade ago when she became a mother and ignited her passion and commitment to supporting parents and children. She developed All About Parenting, the first parenting program based on the latest findings in motivational science, including the influential self-determination theory. Urania and her team have reached more than 250,000 parents through more than 2,000 free seminars, conferences, and workshops, transforming their lives and helping families find new confidence and purpose.


Urania Cremene, the visionary creator behind All About Parenting, is not only a great mother but also an esteemed authority in the parenting world. With a rich and diverse background spanning over 15 years as a trainer and public speaker, Urania has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that has touched the lives of countless families.


Urania is a visionary driven by a deep understanding of human motivation. She has developed All About Parenting, a program that is revolutionizing the approach to parenting. This groundbreaking program, the first of its kind in Romania, reflects Urania’s unwavering commitment to remaining at the forefront of scientific research. It is based on the latest findings in motivational science, including the renowned self-determination theory developed by researchers Richard Ryan and Edward Deci. All About Parenting gives parents the knowledge and tools they need to create a nurturing and thriving family environment. Urania’s impact extends beyond the program itself. Together with her talented team of trainers, Urania has spearheaded an awe-inspiring movement that has touched the lives of over 250,000 parents across the nation. Through a series of over 2000 free seminars, conferences, and intensive workshops, Urania and her team have brought a sense of community and connection among parents, empowering them to navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood with confidence and grace.

Certifications and Training

Urania holds several national and international accreditations as a master trainer, coach, and facilitator. She also holds two international accreditations (Parent’s Toolshop USA 2010 and Breakthrough Parenting USA 2013).

Throughout her career, Urania has delivered training programs on leadership, working with some of Romania’s largest companies. Her transformative workshops have empowered thousands of people, from business owners to middle and senior managers, to reach their full potential and succeed in their respective roles.


Urania’s journey took an unexpected turn over a decade ago when she embarked on the path of motherhood. It was during this transformative period that her passion for parenting was ignited. Fueled by her own experiences and an unyielding desire to make a positive impact, Urania transitioned from the corporate world to the world of parenting in 2010. She has attended numerous international courses and conferences on topics such as parenting, family dynamics, and education. Urania is also a member of the Self Determination Theory community.

Parenting Experience (Journey)

Urania’s approach to parenting is characterized by a unique blend of professionalism and deep empathy. Her ability to connect with parents, combined with her extensive knowledge of child behavior and effective parenting techniques, allows her to guide families on their path to fulfilling parenting. With her help, parents learn to navigate the complex world of raising children and create an environment in which they can develop physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

In 2021, she plunged into a new parenting project, taking on the role of host of the renowned show Supernanny. In the meantime, she also hosted a radio show at Itsy Bitsy – a radio station for parents and children in Romania.

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