Discover Your Parenting Style

This quiz is designed to help you uncover your parenting style: Are you Authoritarian or Permissive? Parenting styles are insightful frameworks developed by psychologists to help understand the strategies parents use to raise their children.

Time to complete: 2 minutes

What Will You Discover?

If you find yourself pondering over your approach to parenting, or you’re intrigued by your child’s responses to your choices, this questionnaire might just be the supportive tool you need. By participating, you’ll gain clarity about your predominant parenting methods and understand how they might influence your child‘s development. Understanding your parenting style can offer valuable insights and suggest areas for growth, ultimately supporting your child’s healthy development. 

What do you have to do?

  • For each statement, please express your level of agreement or disagreement. 
  • Make sure you reflect adequately and respond sincerely for the most precise outcomes. 
  • Avoid selecting “Neither agree nor disagree” for all the questions, as it may result in an indeterminate or unclear categorization. We understand that not all questions may perfectly align with your beliefs or experiences. However, expressing your level of agreement or disagreement will help us accurately assess your parenting style.
  • We recommend both parents complete it. It could be beneficial if each of them participates and subsequently compares their parenting approaches.

*This quiz serves as a preliminary assessment and does not possess the capacity to offer a formal diagnosis. The role of delivering an accurate diagnosis and determining subsequent steps falls within the purview of a trained medical practitioner such as a mental health professional.


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